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Long Term Care

Cotler Healthcare Psychology Service has been privately owned and operated by psychologist,

Kerry Cotler, Ph.D. for over 30 years! Our organization specializes in serving the senior population in nearly 150 long-term care communities throughout the state of Florida.

Cotler Healthcare works collaboratively with our partnered communities meaning all clinical staff at a community will be in contact with not only Cotler’s administrative team, but also with Dr. Kerry Cotler. We work collectively with Psychiatry to satisfy trauma informed care. Based on the diagnosis, an individual treatment plan is developed which addresses the psychological status and cognitive level of functioning in many areas, including but not limited to:

• Behavioral Concerns     

• Stress and Coping Skills     

• Adjustment Difficulties     

• Depressive Symptoms

• Anxiety Symptoms         

• Severe Mental Illness           

• Trauma                             

• Grief and Loss

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Individual counseling is typically provided by our therapists twice weekly for brief sessions or once a week for a standard length session, depending on the individual needs and tolerance level of the individual.  The progress of each resident is monitored with each clinical contact and a formal review of treatment goals and objectives is conducted quarterly.

Clinical Organizations:

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