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For over 30 years, Cotler Healthcare has been providing comprehensive behavioral health solutions primarily focused on seniors in skilled nursing and assisted living communities throughout the state of Florida. Our professional team consists of compassionate psychologists and licensed clinical social workers who work side by side with our highly ethical administrative team led by owner Kerry M. Cotler, Ph.D.

Overall treatment goals include enhancing the quality of life for clients by improving self-esteem and psychosocial skills, decreasing isolation, maintaining cognitive strengths, as well as assessing and treating trauma. 

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Why work with Cotler?

With the high prevalence of mental health disorders within the senior population, we are always looking to grow our team of licensed mental health professionals.

At Cotler we take immense pride in making sure our clinician's needs are met. Clinicians are offered full autonomy with their schedule availability. We offer flexible part-time and/or full-time options to our clinicians. Competitive pay along with reimbursement for mileage is only the start of the boundless benefits of working with Cotler. Not only do clinicians have the liberty to create their own schedules, but also the freedom to customize the treatment plan for every patient. 

Why work with Cotler Healthcare


I have worked for Cotler for 4 years. I love the flexibility and autonomy that Cotler provides. I can contact the owner anytime and know she will provide me with sound, ethical advice. The staff at Cotler are professional and truly care about the clinicians. I am grateful to work for an organization that is there for their staff and the residents of nursing homes and assisted living communities.

Working with all major insurance companies including:

Charitable Donations:

Cotler Healthcare is a proud contributor to many organizations in need of donations over the 30 years of being in business

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