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Florida's premier provider of behavioral and mental health care to individuals in skilled nursing, assisted living, primary care, and outpatient settings.


Even the smallest psychological issue may have far-reaching effects on the overall functionality of individuals in skilled nursing, assisted living, primary care, and outpatient settings. Cotler Healthcare provides comprehensive behavioral health solutions for communities with the primary focus on enhancing the quality of life for individuals. Our professional team consists of over 150 compassionate mental health providers as well as a highly ethical administrative staff, led by Kerry M. Cotler, Ph.D. Our top priority is executing a comprehensive plan to meet each community’s particular needs. Overall treatment goals include enhancing the quality of life for clients by improving self-esteem and psychosocial skills, decreasing isolation, and maintaining cognitive strengths.


Facility staff time and stress is decreased when mental health concerns of clients are consistently and comprehensively managed. At times, extra care is required and available for clients and staff: be it grief counseling, sensitivity training, understanding dementia, depression, or difficult behaviors. Professional In-Service training sessions for staff and families are available as needed. They are custom-tailored to address specific needs.


It is a well known fact that several emotional conditions should be treated with a combination of pharmacological and counseling therapies. Using psychotherapy can ultimately lead to a reduction or outright elimination of psychotropic medication as progress continues. Our program exists side by side with psychiatric services and home health agencies.

Cotler Health Care is here to enhance the quality of life for residents in long term care settings. Call us today to find out more.


"Cotler Healthcare has allowed me to grow as a clinician with the freedom to practice different practice theories with the geriatric community. I always have the clinical and ethical support I need to practice confidently and truly help clients." – Meredith Chrystie, LCSW

"I work as a Psychologist providing psychotherapy to the elderly in long-term care facilities in the Miami area. Cotler Health Care provided me with the tools necessary to complete all documentation on their online EHR system, which is seamless and efficient. The clinicians at Cotler are now able to provide Telehealth to the most vulnerable in our society, to the great appreciation from the residents and staff at the facilities we serve. I am very proud to be a part of this innovative and supportive team." – Lissette Llanes, Psy.D.

"Cotler services has had great impact on our residents.  They have benefited our younger population—40- 60 year olds.  Cotler services has a positive impact on the patient that they see! I have known this service for 10 plus years and we have a  great working relationship. If you have any concerns they address it immediately!" -Maryann F.Domingo, NHA @ Consulate of Bayonet Point

"Cotler Health Care provides excellent clinical support for the independent professional working in the field. Questions and concerns are addressed promptly and communication is concise and accurate. This is a great team of people to work with." - Steven Sylvia, LCSW

"I have been working as a LCSW for Cotler Healthcare for over a year. It was an easy and quick on boarding process. They took care of the credentialing and contracting with the various insurance companies. Cotler always discusses the area of town the facility is located to ensure the clinician is comfortable with the distance. They also explore how many hours one is looking to obtain on a weekly basis. It is great to receive a caseload with all information verified and entered in the electronic medical record. It is evident through my work with them they care about both their patients and employees. The facilities and patients have expressed immense gratitude that Cotler has continued to serve the population despite Covid. I am proud to work for them and I know we are enhancing the quality of life for so many living at a long-term facility." – Deborah Kuhlman, LCSW

“I’ve worked closely with Cotler Healthcare for several years and have found their service invaluable. Their psychologists are top notch, effective, and are an asset to my facility”. – Rochelle DON @ Stuart Nursing and Rehab

"Cotler Healthcare is an amazing organization that truly puts patient needs as their first priority. They are highly ethical, supportive of staff, professional, and very knowledgeable of best practices in the mental health community. I've worked in long term care facilities for several companies in different capacities and Cotler truly goes above and beyond to foster supportive relationships between facility staff, families, and clinicians. I highly recommend them!" - Julie Rich, LCSW

"Cotler Healthcare has been a supportive, warm environment to work in that prides itself on providing excellent clinical care to those experiencing mental health difficulties, in addition to those in long term care facilities and nursing homes.  I have had the pleasure working in both aspects for Colter and it has been rewarding and positive.  They provide good clinical care and work with all types of insurances and incomes.  There are a variety of therapists to ensure that there is a good fit between therapist and client/patient.  I am happy to be part of the Cotler team!" - Liza Weiss, Psy.D.

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